Museum Location

MASM-Bd-of-Directors-View-Museum-Site-June-3-2014The new museum and associated educational building(s) will be constructed on land owned by the Penobscot Salmon Club Corporation, on the shore of the Penobscot River in Brewer, Maine. The Penobscot Salmon Club was established in 1887. It is the oldest such club in North America and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Preserving the Penobscot Salmon Club’s historical significance is among the goals of the Maine Atlantic Salmon Museum.

The primary assets of the location are the Penobscot River and nearby Atlantic Ocean, the presence of migrating Atlantic salmon, many spectacular vistas, and it’s undeveloped existing green space.

By joining the Museum Friends, you can help us realize our vision for a new museum and associated educational programs.

Our vision for the museum site:

A public gallery, media/library room and workshop will display an extensive collection of historical artifacts and interpretive displays (art, books, photographs) that documents the biology and history of the Atlantic salmon in Maine.

Classroom and meeting space for educational programs, activities and conferences on topics such as fly tying, fly casting, rod building, fisheries biology, river ecology, angling history, angler etiquette, aquatic entomology, river/stream research and restoration, etc.

The Maine Atlantic Salmon Museum is committed to stewardship of the resources it holds in the public trust. The Museum will be a place for all anglers and the general public to share their ideas, experiences, improve their skills and enhance their enjoyment of fly fishing. All of its resources will be made available to engage both the young and old, to educate and benefit all.

The Museum site includes a public accessible boat ramp with potential for canoe and kayak rentals; and existing woods, pond, and trails with space for picnics and outdoor events.